Saturday, February 6, 2010


our first online experiment is with twitter using stand up comedy.

we are holding -> @ fringe timing <- an online stand up comedy competition. thanks to our member Robert Godden who threw down the gauntlet, the event now named "#twandup10" (stand up comedy online) will run on monday 22 february 2010 from 8pm >> 30mins. topics of the nights humour will be provided by 7.30pm on the night.

we have a shout out on twitter and ning currently for entries from funny twits (people/contestants = twingetwits) AND hecklers.

both need to be free mon 22 feb from 8pm.

the competition will showcase twingetwit's humour @ least every minute and they will also be expected to respond to hecklers in an amusing way.

the crowd will judge the winner by vote at the end (stating @handle) within 10 minutes of finish. winner known by 8.40pm through online countdown. winner needs to display interaction, humour, judgement and an ability to engage, amuse and be retweeted!

So :: Get Involved ::

Be best twingetwit, DM me to register. #twandup10
Be a heckler. be free mon 22 feb from 8pm. #twandup10
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